Online Lessons

Five reasons to take online lessons:

1 - More interaction with the teacher and greater ability to concentrate

2 - Convenience and flexibility

3 - More comfortable learning environment

4 - Avoid commuting

5 - Lower Cost

Course Method

Our courses are designed to improve your general comprehension and spoken English. The method focuses on speaking, listening and pronunciation without translating. You may have studied grammar at school for many years, but still find it difficult to understand and speak English, or you might be a beginner. Whatever your level of English, the fun, fast Callan Method will really help you!

What you need!


All our tutors are qualified native English teachers. Expect to speak English with a native English accent. You will interact with your tutors who will correct your mistakes and motivate you. Your tutor will focus on fast repetition giving you no time to think in your native language.

Oscar Lane

Oscar Lane Online Class Teaches About me

Ken Roberts

Ken Roberts Online Class Teaches About me

Hilary Mcdowell

Hilary Mcdowell Online Class Teaches About me

Adriano Allen

Adriano Allen Online Class Teaches About me

Group Online

Click here for online group lessons Minimum of 3 students and maximum of 5 students.


All the content of the lessons is provided in the course eBooks as reference. The eBooks also include audio recordings by native speakers so that you can listen to the correct pronunciation of the language at any time.